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Anhedonia was created to not have the burden of feelings. Literally, he was created in a lab.


During his youth, Anhedonia was led to believe that he was born of parents and that his father had died when Anhedonia was too young to remember. The story he was told was that the father was killed by those most uncomfortable with his father's unconventional and unorthodox scientific works.


During his young adult years, Anhedonia's limited emotional understanding caused him to not sync in his romantic relationship with Rain. In his own scientific zealousness he decided to abduct Rain, extract her DNA and then send her off to Ganymede to spend her remaining days hidden within the penal colony. Anhedonia used the DNA to continue what he thought was his father's work to create Drought, a cybernetic version of Rain.


Anhedonia along with Drought would go on to create an army of cybernetic soldiers to take the city of Ballaarat as their own; payback for the murder of his father, to defeat the closed minded population that did not understanding the importance his work. Of course, as the story goes, Rain was freed from Ganymede with the assistance of the Clerics and returned with an army of her own to defeat Anhedonia & Drought.


Very soon afterwards, Anhedonia was seen to be killed during the great final battle. But even though stories of his demise were true, later he was to find himself alive and locked in a vault by his mother, Dr. Reason.


After learning the truth of his life, he willingly joined her quest to save Ballaarat and the 10 sectors from the evils of the Warden.


Before Anhedonia is eventually taken to pay for his previous crimes, he has been granted the opportunity to raise his voice in protest and plead to the people of Ballaarat (and most importantly to the uprising known as the 'Hornets') to understand that they must rise and fly and revolt.

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