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The Naught

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    The Naught. Born of the Queen of the Toci and the Cleric. Named 'Naughtie' as a nod to the Prophecy due to her red hair; the same prophecy that her father read to her often as a child.


    When she had just began her teen-aged years she was struck down by a stray munition during the war of Ballaarat. This left her comatose for many weeks. After she defied all prognoses and awoke in the hospital she could be heard telling the staff of her many dreams of the 'Angels & Demons' that came into her mind to help rid her of her weaker self and rise to become.


    All the staff became accustomed to retelling what 'she said'. But that was all that she could remember. She had lost all other memories and could only recall fragments of sounds from her past. She could be heard every night counting to 10 over and over again believing that she would remember at the end of the mantra: 'once I forgot, but never again, I shall start over, upon reaching 10...'. It wasn't until she found her childhood box of belongings that she would regain her memories.


    For in the box was the device in which her father used to record one of the many times in which he would read to her the Prophecy as a bedtime story. And upon playback of the recording she was once again whole, no longer just a dream.


    The very next day she could not express enough her dedication to the prophecy stating how she was the very 'Dragon' herself. And as she remembered her often shouted phrase from her youth, she exclaimed over-and-over again, 'listen up assholes, the Dragon never dies'. Of course this was very annoying to the women that she was traveling with as they were living the more grim reality of having to walk the tracks every day to collect their rations to survive in post war Ballaarat.


    Only these same other women would later come to know the truth of why the Warden himself would visit them on the tracks moments later on that fateful day to kill Naughtie with a shot to the head. But, this will not be the end of the Naught. For there will be those that will fight to ensure that the Prophecy will be more than just words and she will rise to become.


    And the Dragon will indeed... never die.

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