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Dr. Reason

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    We first came to hear of Dr. Reason during a rather unorthodox interview with a patient that supposedly had a pet spider that would crawl from its owner's nose, to his mouth, then back again. Even though she was doctor of many disciplines, she was mainly known for her investigations of the mind, hence her given moniker, Dr. Reason.


    However brief the doctor's involvement in this tale, we later came to find out that this rather infamous doctor would play a major role in the fate, as well as the later salvation, of the city of Ballaarat; and furthermore of all 10 sectors. For it has come to be known that this doctor is the mother of Anhedonia, the one who abducted and sent Rain to the penal colony of Ganymede; but that's a previous story.


    Anhedonia had placed pent up rage towards a father that he thought existed, the father who originally created the plans for the much feared 'Darwin Chip'. However, in actuality, it was not only his mother the doctor that had created the 'Darwin Chip', but that Anhedonia had never had a father. Anhedonia, among other questionable manifestations, was created by the doctor in her lab.


    After the great battles of Ganymede and Ballaarat, this doctor came to question the magnitude and repercussions of her work and decided to embark on a path of atonement. And it was upon hearing of the death of the Naught that the doctor decided what to do.


    Her life was to then be filled with secret rendezvous with a Watchkeeper to gain access to the Warden's compound, new work to merge the core aspects of the Darwin Chip with the newly exposed 'suspension' as crafted by the Toci, and finally devising her eventual part to play in the demise of the Warden. For she knows of a new outcome to manifest from the work in her lab... the one that will rise to become.

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