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The Holder of Dreams (Anastasi)(Phoenix)

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    The Holder of Dreams was a proud inhabitant of the 4th world and a faithful mistress of the Vespinae. She had the very important occupation of maintaining the splendor of an era of peace among all nations. This job however was fairly simple since the cultures of the planet had all risen to become one and joined to share in knowledge and experience.


    But, in a very undeserved turn of events, this worldwide harmony was cut short by the coming of the end of the 4th world. Just as the 3rd world was consumed by the expanding sun at the center of the system, so was the fate of the 4th world. In an effort to save her kinsfolk, she volunteered for a very experimental serum to extend life. This serum hopefully would allow the occupants of the 4th world to survive the stasis needed to wait for the moons of the 5th world to become the next habitable zone.


    Unfortunately the demise of her planet came much sooner than anticipated. Even though the Vespinae were able to live out the reminder of their lives in the belt, she believed that she was the only one to witness the generation that again walked on land. For she was both blessed and cursed to live for what seemed could be forever.


    She eventually settled with the residents of Ballaarat and decided to carry on her original purpose of what was most dear to her. She shall guard against the house of despair. Shall hold vows firm to the wandering. Shall outspread arms for the reaching hands. Shall offer dreams to all the falling. Until the return. 


    A few generations later during the great war of Ballaarat battling the cybernetic forces of Anhedonia, she would meet and fall in love with Lightning Girl. But later, the Holder of Dreams, now known as Phoenix, once again faces oppression. But this time at the demand of the Warden.


    Phoenix and Lightning girl attempted to turn a blind eye to the fate of the residents of Ballaarat at the hands of the Warden. But after what they witnessed on the tracks on that fateful day on the way to rations, they both would embark on a vengeance never before seen in all the years that Phoenix's soul had existed in this universe.


    Phoenix now understood that the time of the return was now. And that she must assist in the formation of the return of the Vespinae. Of the 'Hornets' that will rise!

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