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“I can be found feeding upon the vital essences of the living — of those who design my ruin. I am the mischief to the ones that doubt me.”


“I call out with a song of hope — my lure to convert disregard into temptation. Hear my irresistible charm as I embody adoration for all.”


“I fortify my soul against any & all attacks, with rituals of becoming. Behold as my essence shines ever brighter through each reincarnation.”


“I consume the darkness inflicted upon me to ignite the light that balances the just. Avenge me not, for I always return stronger.”


“I exist beyond the illusion, the proof of a higher level of consciousness. Any part of me that you cause to die, shall be reborn — not forgotten.”


“I enchant to counter the malevolence that is cast upon me.  Commune by my side to manifest (as one) our hex of verity & enlightenment.”


“I can be seen shortly before the demise that the many attempt to cast upon me.  Appearing before the living, I prove my undaunting spirit.”


“I never rest in the pursuit of realizing the vision of my dreams — of utopia for all. Make a union with me to bring forth our new beginnings.”


“I am the paralyzer of the oppressors — of those that yearn to destroy my dreams. For no one stops me turning my fantasies into reality.”


“I am the harbinger of my own fate; I herald the duality of chance & destiny. Witness the phenomenon of oppression feeding my becoming.”


“I protect myself from the exposure of your disdain, of your contempt. It is my hope that shall never decay & will ever see the light of day.”


“I believe in the power of me as I call upon similar souls to gather in unity & accord. We shall dispel the past with our hopes for tomorrow.”


“I am loud as the noise I make deafens those that long to break me down. To disturb is my resolve, to shine is my right, to live is my gift.”

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