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Rain, the military brat of Ballaarat.


This is how she was know as a child growing up in the tenements of the armed forces. Since both her parents held high ranks, her family afforded the privilege of residence permanency. Thus a bond was developed between her household and the households of other neighbors in the same building.


Just two flights below was the house of Reason. Many rumors were spread about the strange family of Reason, and even more strange, the sounds that could be heard emitting from its core; or the whereabouts of the estranged father. As a teenager, the mystique of the Reason household would intrigue Rain and draw her in to investigate. Eventually this led to Rain meeting the famous Dr. Reason and her peculiar son, Anhedonia.


As the story is told, a relationship quickly grew between Rain and Anhedonia into an inseparable bond. Or so Rain thought. Drawn by his own fascination of the stories of tampering with life itself by the infamous King of Nightmares on the 4th world, Anhedonia took it upon himself to continue his father's work; to perfect the until then failed attempts at creating the Darwin Chip.


In a blur, Rain was taken from her life and secretly sent away to Ganymede in an effort to be hidden from her loved ones and never found. Later Rain would discover that her DNA was taken by Anhedonia and used to create a cybernetic version of herself known as Drought.


However, it was not too long before the Clerics had come to Ganymede to free Rain. Unfortunately this came at a cost to the Warden and Watchkeepers of the penal colony. For they were paid by Anhedonia to keep Rain prisoner at all costs. But the cost had turned out to be paid in blood; much blood.


After the revolt, the Clerics had convinced Rain that she must return with them to Ballaarat to lead the rebellion against the legion of cybernetic soldiers that had also been created by Anhedonia with his successful Darwin Chip and were now led by Drought.


Rain's military training from her youth, along with her now iconic status from when she went missing propelled Rain into a beacon of potential freedom to the peoples of Ballaarat. The meeting of the armies of Rain and Drought would soon create to what has come to be known as the Great Battle of Ballaarat. And in the ashes of the aftermath, Rain stood triumphant where Anhedonia & Drought had fallen.


Ballaarat had survived oppression, but not for long. For soon Ballaarat will experience the return and wrath of the Warden...

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