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Vespa  the Red

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    To be the final Lady of the 4th world. That was her distinction, and her honor.


    For on the 4th world, the designation of Vespa was a moniker placed on a single individual that acted as both lady and lord, as both monarch and matriarch; master to all.


    But this Vespa would be marked as the most poignant.


    For just before she was christened it was discovered that the integrity of the planet would become more of a concern than the anticipated expansion of the red giant sun. The star known as the bringer of life and the taker of planets; the star at the center of the system.


    Within her first year she was lauded as a most vivacious and veracious matriarch as she aided in the Harmony Accord. The accord was a plan of actions set forth by all the nations of the 4th world to set aside differences and work together to devise the evacuation of the planet and set forth to send their populations to inhabit the belt.


    The plan was simple, share all knowledge, experiences, and resources possible.


    But, did the matriarch want to share all knowledge?


    For she was privy to know of one individual who performed science on the fringe, a man who delved deep into the very fabric of life, the very harmonic atomics of existence; the man known by the children of the 4th world as ‘the King of Nightmares’.

    During her reign she was only to meet the scientist a handful of times. Some formal occasions, while others more intimate. After all, their goals were aligned towards the future of the Vespinae.

    Vespa may have appeared to be an ideal diplomat, but she also had Vespinae blood running through her veins; the blood of the hornets. She had a fierce desire to maintain the bloodline beyond just populating the belt after the end of the 4th world.


    The nations had determined that even though a successful migration to the belt could be achieved, the chance of the bloodline existing the thousand years to occupy the next habitable zone, the moons of the 5th world, would be slim at best. Because of this dire omen, Vespa gave the scientist access to all resources possible to work on what he simply referred to as 'the serum', which extended life by suspending death. But, even though the serum was a success, the planet would not wait for it to be administered to all its inhabitants.


    Only one individual would have the pride and the burden of knowing that they would exist to finally walk the lands of the 5th world. Though this newly appointed ambassador is the only blood relative of Vespa, her cousin, she would then on be known as ‘The Holder of Dreams’; the fate of the Vespinae.


    Now was the time of the end. Vespa knew that she must oversee the evacuation till the last resident had escaped. She also knew her duty of dying in the fire that will consume the 4th world just as it was told of the 3rd. The King of Nightmares came to her side and vowed to meet the same fate in solidarity, in respect of her service and grace. But Vespa already knew that the scientist had been the first to consume the serum; his duty to make sure that no harm would come to her cousin. A noble selfless act; making him also a candidate for suspension. And she believed deep in her heart that despite his questionable ethics, the scientist would find a path worthy of the Vespinae. She simply turned to her friend, and said...



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