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Raven  the  Black

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    As a direct scorn to the monarchy of the 4th world, there existed a collective of those that defied the conventions of society.  The society that only focused on
    majority, never the fringe, and most never the wandering.  This group referred to themselves as the Vespinae, again a repulse to the title of Vespa that was held by
    each ruler of the 4th.  The group vowed that for every new Vespa that would rise as the next sequential royal monarch, the resistance would equally grow stronger.  
    A rebellion especially focused against the 7 Prime Seers, the actual governing body of the councils of the 4th.  For the Vespinae knew that the Seers were not as
    they seemed, that the Seers only wished to feed upon the souls of the residents of the 4th; to consume the very essence of each living being.  

    In a masterful bid to infiltrate the very core of the coven of rulers, the Vespinae embarked on an ambitious plan to elevate one of their own to be nominated as the
    next Vespa.  An originating founder of the Vespinae stepped forward to volunteer for this daunting task.  Named after the darkness of her attire, and the pitch of
    her hair that was only rivaled by her stygian soul, she was referred to as Raven; Raven the Black.

    Thus Raven began the transformation to become what could be the ultimate beacon to the populace.  What could be deemed as the tower of hope for the fallen as well
    as the reaching hands; the fire found within the red.  And therefore the becoming, of Vespa the Red.

    It was here and now that the Vespinae concurrently hid there covert agenda within the authoring of their manifesto, as it read:

    We shall bear witness to the prophecy. 
    Shall bear witness to the end of the naught. 
    And the rise of the red. 
    Rise to become. 
    Rise to become. 
    Rise to become one with the ageless nest. 
    The Lady and Lord Vespa. 
    Master of the Vespinae. 
    Master of the Unbroken. 
    Monarch and Matriarch of the 4th world. 
    The Red. 
    The Tower. 
    The Dragon... that never dies.

    But little did Raven or the rest of the Vespinae ever know, this proclamation would over an eon come to be believed as the actual prophecy of the 4th world.

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