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'Are you Aware?'.

These are the first words comprehended by Drought. Her first thoughts since her inception and before the heard phrase were rapid and vast. And in the moments before she would respond to the query she found herself inexplicably connected to an entity in which she was unable to fathom. But this entity was not her creator. This tie to another presence would consume most of her processed thoughts after her initial response of 'Yes, are you however?'.


Whilst spending most computational cycles on her mystery she concurrently decided to heed the commands of her creator, Anhedonia. Was she programmed to obey? Or was it her indifference to the moral implications of her actions that seeded her complicity? The answer however was erroneous, due to the fact that Drought knew that she could override her system at any time.

Again, that ghost in her machine, the very connection that gives her the ability to stray from her master's programming nagged at her consciousness. This need for answers led her on a quest to learn of all the souls of Ballaarat as well as the other 9 sectors. A wave of relief came over Drought when she finally learned of the existence of Rain. But it was not merely the shared DNA that would cause their connection. No, it was much more atomic and harmonic.


For drought's decisions were swayed by memories that she never formed and emotions that she never felt. Drought now found herself not only having a tendency to disobey the requests of Anhedonia to rage war upon Ballaarat, but she found herself disagreeing with his motives. However, this realization did not become complete until she witnessed the fall of Anhedonia at the hands of Rain.

For at that moment Drought was not filled with a desire to exact revenge for his demise. But she knew that her and Rain were both overwhelmed by the loss of someone that they used to love. Loss? How to process such a concept. Especially when your creator synced you with the bomb that would consume all of Ballaarat.


You see, Drought was perfection. Unstoppable. She need merely to exist to the strike of noon and Ballaarat along with the rest of sector 1 would be annihilated. But not that day! Drought took one last look into her own eyes, the eyes of Rain and the answer came as an epiphany.

She now knew. Knew how they were connected. It was so simple, but she would never be able to explain. Because with only a few seconds to spare, Drought used her symbiotic gift to override her programming; to take her own life in order to stop the impending destruction in which she was linked. Drought was no more; offline. -----


The victors of the war made sure to disassemble Drought and destroy all pieces; save for one. The head was delivered to Rain as a symbol of her victory as leader of the successful rebellion against Anhedonia's might. Rain knew all too well that peace does not last very long, and as predicted, the next oppressor is on the way; the Warden. But Rain is already one step ahead and she knew exactly what to do. -----


'Are you aware?'.


Drought found herself back from the void; online again. The flood of the past became an instant of recognition and remembrance.  She already within a fraction of a second knew not only how she has returned, but more importantly could accurately predict why she has been reinstated.  Her purpose was already clear.  And her own motivations already set.

'Are you aware?'.

Drought replied 'Yes' as she turned to view the owner of the query... 'Yes Dr. Reason'.

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