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Lightning Girl

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    Lightning Girl set out on her own at a very young age. And that is predominately why she seems much older than her actual age. Even though she just passed the legal age in Ballaarat, when she speaks you would swear that she is three times the elder.


    After living for what seems to have already been a lifetime she has struggled with meaning and purpose. She can be heard often saying that she is merely a fish in the ocean as she harries through life attempting to acquire any new form of exhilaration at all. This is why Phoenix has taken to calling her 'Lightning Girl Fast Thing'.


    Of course, as you know, Phoenix was the one to finally quell the angst ridden wandering of Lightning Girl and provide for her a love that Lightning Girl had never known before. A love that would bring about a focus and a center in which she had longed for so long. Little did Lightning Girl know, but this new state of mind would subconsciously really be the reason for her decision to rise up and fight by the side of Phoenix and the other 'Hornets'. A fight that would return to Ballaarat what Lightning Girl had personally fought to achieve for so long... peace.


    A peace born of pain. The pain of losing her parents, not a physical loss, but to discover that they aligned themselves with a faction that she so despised during the previous great war of Ballaarat. The pain of setting out on her own and the trial-by-fire struggle of existence with nothing but the hate and stale that was before her eyes.


    But no more is she stuck to this ground, and this Lightning Girl will strike with a storm backed by the power of an eternal phantom to turn lies to truth and ignorance to faith. From before there was silence, but now the wraith!

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