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To be the final Lady of the 4th world. That was her distinction, and her honor.


For on the 4th world, the designation of Vespa was a moniker placed on a single individual that acted as both lady and lord, as both monarch and matriarch; master to all.


But this Vespa would be marked as the most poignant.


For just before she was christened it was discovered that the integrity of the planet would become more of a concern than the anticipated expansion of the red giant sun. The star known as the bringer of life and the taker of planets; the star at the center of the system.


Within her first year she was lauded as a most vivacious and veracious matriarch as she aided in the Harmony Accord. The accord was a plan of actions set forth by all the nations of the 4th world to set aside differences and work together to devise the evacuation of the planet and set forth to send their populations to inhabit the belt.


The plan was simple, share all knowledge, experiences, and resources possible.


But, did the matriarch want to share all knowledge?


For she was privy to know of one individual who performed science on the fringe, a man who delved deep into the very fabric of life, the very harmonic atomics of existence; the man known by the children of the 4th world as ‘the King of Nightmares’.

During her reign she was only to meet the scientist a handful of times. Some formal occasions, while others more intimate. After all, their goals were aligned towards the future of the Vespinae.

Vespa may have appeared to be an ideal diplomat, but she also had Vespinae blood running through her veins; the blood of the hornets. She had a fierce desire to maintain the bloodline beyond just populating the belt after the end of the 4th world.


The nations had determined that even though a successful migration to the belt could be achieved, the chance of the bloodline existing the thousand years to occupy the next habitable zone, the moons of the 5th world, would be slim at best. Because of this dire omen, Vespa gave the scientist access to all resources possible to work on what he simply referred to as 'the serum', which extended life by suspending death. But, even though the serum was a success, the planet would not wait for it to be administered to all its inhabitants.


Only one individual would have the pride and the burden of knowing that they would exist to finally walk the lands of the 5th world. Though this newly appointed ambassador is the only blood relative of Vespa, her cousin, she would then on be known as ‘The Holder of Dreams’; the fate of the Vespinae.


Now was the time of the end. Vespa knew that she must oversee the evacuation till the last resident had escaped. She also knew her duty of dying in the fire that will consume the 4th world just as it was told of the 3rd. The King of Nightmares came to her side and vowed to meet the same fate in solidarity, in respect of her service and grace. But Vespa already knew that the scientist had been the first to consume the serum; his duty to make sure that no harm would come to her cousin. A noble selfless act; making him also a candidate for suspension. And she believed deep in her heart that despite his questionable ethics, the scientist would find a path worthy of the Vespinae. She simply turned to her friend, and said...




As a direct scorn to the monarchy of the 4th world, there existed a collective of those that defied the conventions of society.  The society that only focused on
majority, never the fringe, and most never the wandering.  This group referred to themselves as the Vespinae, again a repulse to the title of Vespa that was held by
each ruler of the 4th.  The group vowed that for every new Vespa that would rise as the next sequential royal monarch, the resistance would equally grow stronger.  
A rebellion especially focused against the 7 Prime Seers, the actual governing body of the councils of the 4th.  For the Vespinae knew that the Seers were not as
they seemed, that the Seers only wished to feed upon the souls of the residents of the 4th; to consume the very essence of each living being.  

In a masterful bid to infiltrate the very core of the coven of rulers, the Vespinae embarked on an ambitious plan to elevate one of their own to be nominated as the
next Vespa.  An originating founder of the Vespinae stepped forward to volunteer for this daunting task.  Named after the darkness of her attire, and the pitch of
her hair that was only rivaled by her stygian soul, she was referred to as Raven; Raven the Black.

Thus Raven began the transformation to become what could be the ultimate beacon to the populace.  What could be deemed as the tower of hope for the fallen as well
as the reaching hands; the fire found within the red.  And therefore the becoming, of Vespa the Red.

It was here and now that the Vespinae concurrently hid there covert agenda within the authoring of their manifesto, as it read:

We shall bear witness to the prophecy. 
Shall bear witness to the end of the naught. 
And the rise of the red. 
Rise to become. 
Rise to become. 
Rise to become one with the ageless nest. 
The Lady and Lord Vespa. 
Master of the Vespinae. 
Master of the Unbroken. 
Monarch and Matriarch of the 4th world. 
The Red. 
The Tower. 
The Dragon... that never dies.

But little did Raven or the rest of the Vespinae ever know, this proclamation would over an eon come to be believed as the actual prophecy of the 4th world.


It will come to be known that the Great War of Ballaarat was actually incited by a grave error of judgment. The Toci for hundreds of years had taken it upon themselves to maintain balance in all of the system. This decision was made when the peoples of the belt dispersed over time to form what is known today as the 10 sectors. The Queen of the Toci, as with all the queens before her, is tasked with the duty of monitoring all sectors. However, when it comes to policing the sectors, it is an endeavor that is very discreet.


The Toci take great pride in what they refer to as the Doctrines of Purity. And if an offense to any of the doctrines is discovered a suitable punishment will be designed and administered. This punitive implementation process is governed with great care and is considered to be the secret of the Toci.


Each queen upon coronation is bestowed the Tome of Knowledge that has been handed down for over a thousand years. Some say that the book originated on the 4th world and was saved from its destruction during the historic evacuation. Upon reading the book the current queen learns of and hones the power of harmonic atomics. This force allows the queen to project influence across vast distances and enact intent in others while making the target feel as if the decision is entirely of their own volition. Many nations have risen and fallen by the hidden power of a Toci queen.


During her reign, the most recent Queen will discover the author of this massive power. For he was the Cleric and he had been alive since the end of the 4th world. The Cleric sought out the Queen after the hundred year journey it took for him to locate the source of the power in which the Toci wielded. The Cleric told the epic tale of the final days of the 4th world and of the serum that he had created to suspend life itself. The Queen and the Cleric would together form a powerful bond to bring the Toci to a level that surpassed it's most aggressive ambitions. Along with the teachings of the Cleric the Queen now had the ability to manifest physical disruption across the reach of all the sectors. At her whim she could now extinguish a life, if so desired, while being undetected worlds away. And, in the shared commitment to balance, she also learned from the Cleric the aspects of his serum; the methods of suspension. Thus, for the first time after many generations, redefining the secret of the Toci.


During the period of their union they vowed, performed the sin-eating ceremony, and wed. A product of this unity was later born; the exalted daughter of the Queen and the Cleric. Even though it was strictly forbidden to spawn during a reign, the Queen wanted to give the Cleric a joy that he could not have ever imagined. Her concession would be that their daughter would need to be raised off-world by her father. Another personal concession would follow, and that was allowing the Cleric to name the girl Naught; a nod to the prophecy of his home world. The Cleric removed his daughter to the remote sector where he had previously formed the union of the Clerics.


When Naught (Naughtie) was of age she was transported to begin her own life in the city of Ballaarat. The Cleric however would not return to be at the side of his queen. For the Cleric learned that the Toci had monitored the sector that contained the city of Ballaarat and determined a necessity for policing. The Queen insisted that she would only be giving a nudge of intent to only two occupants of the city of Ballaarat to return balance. First, a scientist would be swayed under a spell to not take heed of the actions of her son. Then, the son would be influenced to embark upon a plan to seize control of Ballaarat, a control that was planned to be manipulated by the Toci.


This is when the grave error was committed. The Queen could not have possibly fathomed that the mother would be the scientist known as Dr. Reason and that this mother genetically engineered her son. The unique genetic composition of the son allowed the influence of the Toci to enter into his mind, but the influence would be magnified to manic proportions.


The son's mind took it's own grudge against the people of Ballaarat and embarked upon a campaign that would eventually grow in magnitude into an eruption of battles that would define the Great War of Ballaarat. A war that would bring substantial harm to many people, including the daughter of the Queen and the Cleric. The Cleric has never forgiven the Queen. However, forgiveness is not at the forefront of the Queen's mind. For she has just learned that a byproduct of the war of Ballaarat has created a new demon with his own War Machine.


But this person, known as the Warden, is different. The Queen cannot use her power to read or persuade him. All she can glean from her harmonic attempts is a sense that after surviving many injuries, her daughter is somehow once again in jeopardy. The Queen can feel that great harm may have come to her daughter by the hand of the Warden. And if this is true, then the Warden will have to face the complete wrath of the Queen.


The Holder of Dreams was a proud inhabitant of the 4th world and a faithful mistress of the Vespinae. She had the very important occupation of maintaining the splendor of an era of peace among all nations. This job however was fairly simple since the cultures of the planet had all risen to become one and joined to share in knowledge and experience.


But, in a very undeserved turn of events, this worldwide harmony was cut short by the coming of the end of the 4th world. Just as the 3rd world was consumed by the expanding sun at the center of the system, so was the fate of the 4th world. In an effort to save her kinsfolk, she volunteered for a very experimental serum to extend life. This serum hopefully would allow the occupants of the 4th world to survive the stasis needed to wait for the moons of the 5th world to become the next habitable zone.


Unfortunately the demise of her planet came much sooner than anticipated. Even though the Vespinae were able to live out the reminder of their lives in the belt, she believed that she was the only one to witness the generation that again walked on land. For she was both blessed and cursed to live for what seemed could be forever.


She eventually settled with the residents of Ballaarat and decided to carry on her original purpose of what was most dear to her. She shall guard against the house of despair. Shall hold vows firm to the wandering. Shall outspread arms for the reaching hands. Shall offer dreams to all the falling. Until the return. 


A few generations later during the great war of Ballaarat battling the cybernetic forces of Anhedonia, she would meet and fall in love with Lightning Girl. But later, the Holder of Dreams, now known as Phoenix, once again faces oppression. But this time at the demand of the Warden.


Phoenix and Lightning girl attempted to turn a blind eye to the fate of the residents of Ballaarat at the hands of the Warden. But after what they witnessed on the tracks on that fateful day on the way to rations, they both would embark on a vengeance never before seen in all the years that Phoenix's soul had existed in this universe.


Phoenix now understood that the time of the return was now. And that she must assist in the formation of the return of the Vespinae. Of the 'Hornets' that will rise!


Lightning Girl set out on her own at a very young age. And that is predominately why she seems much older than her actual age. Even though she just passed the legal age in Ballaarat, when she speaks you would swear that she is three times the elder.


After living for what seems to have already been a lifetime she has struggled with meaning and purpose. She can be heard often saying that she is merely a fish in the ocean as she harries through life attempting to acquire any new form of exhilaration at all. This is why Phoenix has taken to calling her 'Lightning Girl Fast Thing'.


Of course, as you know, Phoenix was the one to finally quell the angst ridden wandering of Lightning Girl and provide for her a love that Lightning Girl had never known before. A love that would bring about a focus and a center in which she had longed for so long. Little did Lightning Girl know, but this new state of mind would subconsciously really be the reason for her decision to rise up and fight by the side of Phoenix and the other 'Hornets'. A fight that would return to Ballaarat what Lightning Girl had personally fought to achieve for so long... peace.


A peace born of pain. The pain of losing her parents, not a physical loss, but to discover that they aligned themselves with a faction that she so despised during the previous great war of Ballaarat. The pain of setting out on her own and the trial-by-fire struggle of existence with nothing but the hate and stale that was before her eyes.


But no more is she stuck to this ground, and this Lightning Girl will strike with a storm backed by the power of an eternal phantom to turn lies to truth and ignorance to faith. From before there was silence, but now the wraith!


Rain, the military brat of Ballaarat.


This is how she was know as a child growing up in the tenements of the armed forces. Since both her parents held high ranks, her family afforded the privilege of residence permanency. Thus a bond was developed between her household and the households of other neighbors in the same building.


Just two flights below was the house of Reason. Many rumors were spread about the strange family of Reason, and even more strange, the sounds that could be heard emitting from its core; or the whereabouts of the estranged father. As a teenager, the mystique of the Reason household would intrigue Rain and draw her in to investigate. Eventually this led to Rain meeting the famous Dr. Reason and her peculiar son, Anhedonia.


As the story is told, a relationship quickly grew between Rain and Anhedonia into an inseparable bond. Or so Rain thought. Drawn by his own fascination of the stories of tampering with life itself by the infamous King of Nightmares on the 4th world, Anhedonia took it upon himself to continue his father's work; to perfect the until then failed attempts at creating the Darwin Chip.


In a blur, Rain was taken from her life and secretly sent away to Ganymede in an effort to be hidden from her loved ones and never found. Later Rain would discover that her DNA was taken by Anhedonia and used to create a cybernetic version of herself known as Drought.


However, it was not too long before the Clerics had come to Ganymede to free Rain. Unfortunately this came at a cost to the Warden and Watchkeepers of the penal colony. For they were paid by Anhedonia to keep Rain prisoner at all costs. But the cost had turned out to be paid in blood; much blood.


After the revolt, the Clerics had convinced Rain that she must return with them to Ballaarat to lead the rebellion against the legion of cybernetic soldiers that had also been created by Anhedonia with his successful Darwin Chip and were now led by Drought.


Rain's military training from her youth, along with her now iconic status from when she went missing propelled Rain into a beacon of potential freedom to the peoples of Ballaarat. The meeting of the armies of Rain and Drought would soon create to what has come to be known as the Great Battle of Ballaarat. And in the ashes of the aftermath, Rain stood triumphant where Anhedonia & Drought had fallen.


Ballaarat had survived oppression, but not for long. For soon Ballaarat will experience the return and wrath of the Warden...


'Are you Aware?'.

These are the first words comprehended by Drought. Her first thoughts since her inception and before the heard phrase were rapid and vast. And in the moments before she would respond to the query she found herself inexplicably connected to an entity in which she was unable to fathom. But this entity was not her creator. This tie to another presence would consume most of her processed thoughts after her initial response of 'Yes, are you however?'.


Whilst spending most computational cycles on her mystery she concurrently decided to heed the commands of her creator, Anhedonia. Was she programmed to obey? Or was it her indifference to the moral implications of her actions that seeded her complicity? The answer however was erroneous, due to the fact that Drought knew that she could override her system at any time.

Again, that ghost in her machine, the very connection that gives her the ability to stray from her master's programming nagged at her consciousness. This need for answers led her on a quest to learn of all the souls of Ballaarat as well as the other 9 sectors. A wave of relief came over Drought when she finally learned of the existence of Rain. But it was not merely the shared DNA that would cause their connection. No, it was much more atomic and harmonic.


For drought's decisions were swayed by memories that she never formed and emotions that she never felt. Drought now found herself not only having a tendency to disobey the requests of Anhedonia to rage war upon Ballaarat, but she found herself disagreeing with his motives. However, this realization did not become complete until she witnessed the fall of Anhedonia at the hands of Rain.

For at that moment Drought was not filled with a desire to exact revenge for his demise. But she knew that her and Rain were both overwhelmed by the loss of someone that they used to love. Loss? How to process such a concept. Especially when your creator synced you with the bomb that would consume all of Ballaarat.


You see, Drought was perfection. Unstoppable. She need merely to exist to the strike of noon and Ballaarat along with the rest of sector 1 would be annihilated. But not that day! Drought took one last look into her own eyes, the eyes of Rain and the answer came as an epiphany.

She now knew. Knew how they were connected. It was so simple, but she would never be able to explain. Because with only a few seconds to spare, Drought used her symbiotic gift to override her programming; to take her own life in order to stop the impending destruction in which she was linked. Drought was no more; offline. -----


The victors of the war made sure to disassemble Drought and destroy all pieces; save for one. The head was delivered to Rain as a symbol of her victory as leader of the successful rebellion against Anhedonia's might. Rain knew all too well that peace does not last very long, and as predicted, the next oppressor is on the way; the Warden. But Rain is already one step ahead and she knew exactly what to do. -----


'Are you aware?'.


Drought found herself back from the void; online again. The flood of the past became an instant of recognition and remembrance.  She already within a fraction of a second knew not only how she has returned, but more importantly could accurately predict why she has been reinstated.  Her purpose was already clear.  And her own motivations already set.

'Are you aware?'.

Drought replied 'Yes' as she turned to view the owner of the query... 'Yes Dr. Reason'.


We first came to hear of Dr. Reason during a rather unorthodox interview with a patient that supposedly had a pet spider that would crawl from its owner's nose, to his mouth, then back again. Even though she was doctor of many disciplines, she was mainly known for her investigations of the mind, hence her given moniker, Dr. Reason.


However brief the doctor's involvement in this tale, we later came to find out that this rather infamous doctor would play a major role in the fate, as well as the later salvation, of the city of Ballaarat; and furthermore of all 10 sectors. For it has come to be known that this doctor is the mother of Anhedonia, the one who abducted and sent Rain to the penal colony of Ganymede; but that's a previous story.


Anhedonia had placed pent up rage towards a father that he thought existed, the father who originally created the plans for the much feared 'Darwin Chip'. However, in actuality, it was not only his mother the doctor that had created the 'Darwin Chip', but that Anhedonia had never had a father. Anhedonia, among other questionable manifestations, was created by the doctor in her lab.


After the great battles of Ganymede and Ballaarat, this doctor came to question the magnitude and repercussions of her work and decided to embark on a path of atonement. And it was upon hearing of the death of the Naught that the doctor decided what to do.


Her life was to then be filled with secret rendezvous with a Watchkeeper to gain access to the Warden's compound, new work to merge the core aspects of the Darwin Chip with the newly exposed 'suspension' as crafted by the Toci, and finally devising her eventual part to play in the demise of the Warden. For she knows of a new outcome to manifest from the work in her lab... the one that will rise to become.


The Naught. Born of the Queen of the Toci and the Cleric. Named 'Naughtie' as a nod to the Prophecy due to her red hair; the same prophecy that her father read to her often as a child.


When she had just began her teen-aged years she was struck down by a stray munition during the war of Ballaarat. This left her comatose for many weeks. After she defied all prognoses and awoke in the hospital she could be heard telling the staff of her many dreams of the 'Angels & Demons' that came into her mind to help rid her of her weaker self and rise to become.


All the staff became accustomed to retelling what 'she said'. But that was all that she could remember. She had lost all other memories and could only recall fragments of sounds from her past. She could be heard every night counting to 10 over and over again believing that she would remember at the end of the mantra: 'once I forgot, but never again, I shall start over, upon reaching 10...'. It wasn't until she found her childhood box of belongings that she would regain her memories.


For in the box was the device in which her father used to record one of the many times in which he would read to her the Prophecy as a bedtime story. And upon playback of the recording she was once again whole, no longer just a dream.


The very next day she could not express enough her dedication to the prophecy stating how she was the very 'Dragon' herself. And as she remembered her often shouted phrase from her youth, she exclaimed over-and-over again, 'listen up assholes, the Dragon never dies'. Of course this was very annoying to the women that she was traveling with as they were living the more grim reality of having to walk the tracks every day to collect their rations to survive in post war Ballaarat.


Only these same other women would later come to know the truth of why the Warden himself would visit them on the tracks moments later on that fateful day to kill Naughtie with a shot to the head. But, this will not be the end of the Naught. For there will be those that will fight to ensure that the Prophecy will be more than just words and she will rise to become.


And the Dragon will indeed... never die.


Time itself was unraveling.  The end was coming.


However, all cannot be lost. The whole of knowledge must somehow be saved—protected from the return (to nothing). And this task falls upon the Cleric.  For he has always known that this moment would come; why he has always been the harbinger of fate, the omen of destiny.


As foretold, and personally experienced during his bout in the same abyss, the message can be sent from within the chasm of the Void.  The same Void once traveled by Vespa, the Naught, as well as the Cleric himself.  Now he will cross the threshold into the Void one last time, to perform this function of ensuring that all will not be forgot (or lost).


Within the void the past seems as present as the now, with every following instant being shared with before.  In this realm, thoughts are all at once, immediate, yet memory—timeless meaning (concepts, yet without form).  Upon entering, the Cleric began to reveal everything that had been, yet to be.  He was now forming the shaping of ideas, but in dreams; he unseen, could make believe.


Time moves upon guided paths, lineages of destiny and of blood.  Since the Void has had a taste of the essences of Vespa, the Naught, and the Cleric, it was only natural (as if fate) that the thoughts of the Cleric would be sent back (as if guided) thousands of years to the ancestor of their bloodline, to the forgone predecessor of Raven herself.  And the name of this recipient—this newly appointed oracle; Meris.


She wondered if this is true.  Her dream was so real. Meris witnessed a vision; did she not? A future seeming as present as the now.  Then she sensed more, yet another bond. She thought to herself, ‘I am to be, the tie. The Bloodline’.


Sitting up in her bed, seeming as if she had just experienced a lifetime of memories, she immediately knew the importance of her vision—of the legacy in which she was now entrusted.  For this story, this tome of knowledge, must be carried forth by her descendants, generation after generation, as lore over thousands of years to finally be delivered to Raven.


And this is when the realization looms.  For when Raven shares the message with Mephis (the Cleric), the loop will have been cast, the tale that coils and spirals across time—again & again—as if the manifestation of a recurring dream.


And herein lies what has come to be known as, The secret of the Toci.  The knowledge of what has and is yet to be.

At that very moment, with a passion as fierce as a hundred burning suns, upon the expanse of thousands of years, from the infinite depths of her soul, Meris swore these words:


I vow to become

Champion of the tale.

I, the mother of all.

I, the first and the last.

Heart of what is to pass.

The bearer of the omen.

And usher of the end.


I am the reveal.


Most of all,

These both are true...


My name is Meris and none of this is real.


With his initial career as a character profiler, this man had an uncanny ability to predict the actions of people solely based upon his unique methods of analyzing and processing. This led him to his next calling of processing youth for juvenile incarceration. His very passionate and intense applications to his duties turned into to a fervor that would lead to him being simply referred to as the Processor. However, his very over zealous tendencies and ability to impress the minds of the juveniles led many parents and co-workers to demand his removal.


It was coincidentally at this same time that he was offered a position on a remote post of the moon of Ganymede. To oversee an experimental and 'off the books' penal colony for the criminally insane and location to send people who would never be found again; for a price of course.


Years of playing this new role as dictator, oppressor, abettor, and torturer led to the disappearance of his former self as the Processor, to the emergence of his new persona as the Warden.


Only one sole that entered his gate challenged his ability to analyze & classify; which caused him great mental anguish. Eventually the instigator of his anguish, Rain, would also be the reason for the demise of the Ganymede Penal Colony. After the Clerics attacked and destroyed the prison to save Rain the Warden was surprised to find himself still alive.


In his rage he decided to ensure that no living cleric would remain. Until something very interesting happened. When the Warden happened upon a mortally wounded cleric, left for dead, the cleric did not say, 'spare my life', or 'please don't'. Instead the cleric reached out his hand and begged, 'Please suspend me'.


Thus the Warden would learn the secret of the Toci.


The Watchkeeper has faithfully served the Warden for many years. He also survived the attack of the Clerics on the Ganymede Penal Colony that freed rain from incarceration within it's walls.


Upon waking in the aftermath rubble of the melee, the Watchkeeper agreed to assist and follow the Warden back to Ballaarat to forcibly take over and exact revenge for the Ganymede attack.


Until this point the Watchkeeper never really questioned the Warden or even really cared who was on the correct side of ethics or politics. However, the Watchkeeper has grown to become uncomfortable with the use of 'suspension' to create the army of soldiers to avenge the Warden.


This doubt would later lead to him to be sympathetic to the request and offer of Dr. Reason. Allowing her frequent access to the Warden's compound on Ballaarat and his growing hidden affection for the doctor eventually led to his untimely but personally welcomed demise.


Years later his strife would be known in lore as the tale of 'The Corpse'.


Anhedonia was created to not have the burden of feelings. Literally, he was created in a lab.


During his youth, Anhedonia was led to believe that he was born of parents and that his father had died when Anhedonia was too young to remember. The story he was told was that the father was killed by those most uncomfortable with his father's unconventional and unorthodox scientific works.


During his young adult years, Anhedonia's limited emotional understanding caused him to not sync in his romantic relationship with Rain. In his own scientific zealousness he decided to abduct Rain, extract her DNA and then send her off to Ganymede to spend her remaining days hidden within the penal colony. Anhedonia used the DNA to continue what he thought was his father's work to create Drought, a cybernetic version of Rain.


Anhedonia along with Drought would go on to create an army of cybernetic soldiers to take the city of Ballaarat as their own; payback for the murder of his father, to defeat the closed minded population that did not understanding the importance his work. Of course, as the story goes, Rain was freed from Ganymede with the assistance of the Clerics and returned with an army of her own to defeat Anhedonia & Drought.


Very soon afterwards, Anhedonia was seen to be killed during the great final battle. But even though stories of his demise were true, later he was to find himself alive and locked in a vault by his mother, Dr. Reason.


After learning the truth of his life, he willingly joined her quest to save Ballaarat and the 10 sectors from the evils of the Warden.


Before Anhedonia is eventually taken to pay for his previous crimes, he has been granted the opportunity to raise his voice in protest and plead to the people of Ballaarat (and most importantly to the uprising known as the 'Hornets') to understand that they must rise and fly and revolt.


This character, while on the 4th world was responsible for first introducing the serum that would extend life. At the time the serum was meant to provide a method to survive the wait for the expansion of the sun to create the next habitable zone; the moons of 5th world.


The Holder of Dreams thought she was the only one to receive the serum before the demise of the 4th world. But, the secret is that the creator of the serum had ingested it as well.


At this time, the creator had also come to be known as the King of Nightmares. Because the children of the 4th were afraid of the scientist that was tampering with life itself.


After surviving the eon jaunt to the sector of the 5th world, he would eventually form the union of the Clerics. This is when he would simply become known as 'the Cleric' and later meet his future wife... the Queen of the Toci.


History would later refer to him ominously as 'The Fate'.


More can be discovered about this character by reading the other character descriptions. For example, how did the King of Nightmares know Vespa the Red? How did the Cleric come to find the Queen of the Toci? What was to become of his daughter, the Naught?

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