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King of Nightmares  /  The Cleric  /  The Fate

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This character, while on the 4th world was responsible for first introducing the serum that would extend life. At the time the serum was meant to provide a method to survive the wait for the expansion of the sun to create the next habitable zone; the moons of 5th world.


The Holder of Dreams thought she was the only one to receive the serum before the demise of the 4th world. But, the secret is that the creator of the serum had ingested it as well.


At this time, the creator had also come to be known as the King of Nightmares. Because the children of the 4th were afraid of the scientist that was tampering with life itself.


After surviving the eon jaunt to the sector of the 5th world, he would eventually form the union of the Clerics. This is when he would simply become known as 'the Cleric' and later meet his future wife... the Queen of the Toci.


History would later refer to him ominously as 'The Fate'.


More can be discovered about this character by reading the other character descriptions. For example, how did the King of Nightmares know Vespa the Red? How did the Cleric come to find the Queen of the Toci? What was to become of his daughter, the Naught?

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