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The Watchkeeper / The Corpse 

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The Watchkeeper has faithfully served the Warden for many years. He also survived the attack of the Clerics on the Ganymede Penal Colony that freed rain from incarceration within it's walls.


Upon waking in the aftermath rubble of the melee, the Watchkeeper agreed to assist and follow the Warden back to Ballaarat to forcibly take over and exact revenge for the Ganymede attack.


Until this point the Watchkeeper never really questioned the Warden or even really cared who was on the correct side of ethics or politics. However, the Watchkeeper has grown to become uncomfortable with the use of 'suspension' to create the army of soldiers to avenge the Warden.


This doubt would later lead to him to be sympathetic to the request and offer of Dr. Reason. Allowing her frequent access to the Warden's compound on Ballaarat and his growing hidden affection for the doctor eventually led to his untimely but personally welcomed demise.


Years later his strife would be known in lore as the tale of 'The Corpse'.

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