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Queen  of the Toci

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    It will come to be known that the Great War of Ballaarat was actually incited by a grave error of judgment. The Toci for hundreds of years had taken it upon themselves to maintain balance in all of the system. This decision was made when the peoples of the belt dispersed over time to form what is known today as the 10 sectors. The Queen of the Toci, as with all the queens before her, is tasked with the duty of monitoring all sectors. However, when it comes to policing the sectors, it is an endeavor that is very discreet.


    The Toci take great pride in what they refer to as the Doctrines of Purity. And if an offense to any of the doctrines is discovered a suitable punishment will be designed and administered. This punitive implementation process is governed with great care and is considered to be the secret of the Toci.


    Each queen upon coronation is bestowed the Tome of Knowledge that has been handed down for over a thousand years. Some say that the book originated on the 4th world and was saved from its destruction during the historic evacuation. Upon reading the book the current queen learns of and hones the power of harmonic atomics. This force allows the queen to project influence across vast distances and enact intent in others while making the target feel as if the decision is entirely of their own volition. Many nations have risen and fallen by the hidden power of a Toci queen.


    During her reign, the most recent Queen will discover the author of this massive power. For he was the Cleric and he had been alive since the end of the 4th world. The Cleric sought out the Queen after the hundred year journey it took for him to locate the source of the power in which the Toci wielded. The Cleric told the epic tale of the final days of the 4th world and of the serum that he had created to suspend life itself. The Queen and the Cleric would together form a powerful bond to bring the Toci to a level that surpassed it's most aggressive ambitions. Along with the teachings of the Cleric the Queen now had the ability to manifest physical disruption across the reach of all the sectors. At her whim she could now extinguish a life, if so desired, while being undetected worlds away. And, in the shared commitment to balance, she also learned from the Cleric the aspects of his serum; the methods of suspension. Thus, for the first time after many generations, redefining the secret of the Toci.


    During the period of their union they vowed, performed the sin-eating ceremony, and wed. A product of this unity was later born; the exalted daughter of the Queen and the Cleric. Even though it was strictly forbidden to spawn during a reign, the Queen wanted to give the Cleric a joy that he could not have ever imagined. Her concession would be that their daughter would need to be raised off-world by her father. Another personal concession would follow, and that was allowing the Cleric to name the girl Naught; a nod to the prophecy of his home world. The Cleric removed his daughter to the remote sector where he had previously formed the union of the Clerics.


    When Naught (Naughtie) was of age she was transported to begin her own life in the city of Ballaarat. The Cleric however would not return to be at the side of his queen. For the Cleric learned that the Toci had monitored the sector that contained the city of Ballaarat and determined a necessity for policing. The Queen insisted that she would only be giving a nudge of intent to only two occupants of the city of Ballaarat to return balance. First, a scientist would be swayed under a spell to not take heed of the actions of her son. Then, the son would be influenced to embark upon a plan to seize control of Ballaarat, a control that was planned to be manipulated by the Toci.


    This is when the grave error was committed. The Queen could not have possibly fathomed that the mother would be the scientist known as Dr. Reason and that this mother genetically engineered her son. The unique genetic composition of the son allowed the influence of the Toci to enter into his mind, but the influence would be magnified to manic proportions.


    The son's mind took it's own grudge against the people of Ballaarat and embarked upon a campaign that would eventually grow in magnitude into an eruption of battles that would define the Great War of Ballaarat. A war that would bring substantial harm to many people, including the daughter of the Queen and the Cleric. The Cleric has never forgiven the Queen. However, forgiveness is not at the forefront of the Queen's mind. For she has just learned that a byproduct of the war of Ballaarat has created a new demon with his own War Machine.


    But this person, known as the Warden, is different. The Queen cannot use her power to read or persuade him. All she can glean from her harmonic attempts is a sense that after surviving many injuries, her daughter is somehow once again in jeopardy. The Queen can feel that great harm may have come to her daughter by the hand of the Warden. And if this is true, then the Warden will have to face the complete wrath of the Queen.

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