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Sonic•Parlor  is a self expressed conceptual entity who is focused on the creation of albums of speculative fictional concept music focusing on topics that mirror common themes of humanity and the forward projection of social awareness and the recognition of and adherence to a principle of social postmodernism that deviates from methods of isolationism towards a promotion of symbiotic unification.

The works of Sonic•Parlor are produced by the creation of Neo Digital Concrete Music (Musique Concrète) merged with principles of modern and post modern electronic within the alternative music genre; blending traditional instrumentation, voice, and acousmatic sound entirely produced within computerized composing, recording, processing, and delivery mediums.

The above stated works scope independently or concurrently ranging from: Alternative, Experimental, Electronic, Concrete Music (Musique Concrète), Art Punk, and Neo Folk.

Sonic•Parlor welcomes you to the elaborate stories of the Vespinae, the Toci, The Clerics, The Warden & The Watchers, and the daring residents of Ballaärat.

Learn more of Kenneth (-Audio|Filter-) via Instagram: @sonicparlor


If you wish to support future music & this project, please feel welcome to donate:

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Sonic•Parlor is very proud to work with the multi-talented Maria Belova (Meris).

Her magnificent talent first shines as she prepares, performs in, and films the videos that you see on our site.

This is followed, as an equal second, by her masterful oil paintings that she wondrously manifests from the concept of our stories onto our album covers.

Finally, last but not least, the fantastic representations of our characters in the comic style art form that is printed on our products. 

She has a constant delivery of quality that keeps with the integrity of her continent of residence; the much respected Asia. 

As we know of the history of all art forms that sets forth from Asia, each of her works display a passion of the heart, as that of a thousand burning suns.
Matched with an intelligence that is only rivalved by her competence in her many artistic disciplines, Maria Belova is one to be watched as her career ever rises to the stars.  

Learn more of Maria Belova (Meris) via Instagram: @merissart


To assist us in our monumental gratitude for her phenomenal works, and to simply support her as an aspiring artist, please feel welcome to donate:

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As with our own characters & songs taking place within the twilight brought on by our mind, we also have character visualizations coming from the deep recesses of the computational universe of artificial intelligence.  


We guide this generative entity to render conceptualizations that vividly represent personalities of our story, our brand, our mission.  


And we have given her a name.  We have bestowed upon her a persona from the sphere of our conceptual stories.  And therefore, we have dubbed her, 'Aurora Cyan'.  


From the very void in which Aurora has awakened in the story, she now creates illusions of our fictional realities from the depths of her own realm of infinite possibility. 

Please enjoy the 50% of the characterized artistic expression that can be found in our offerings that have been produced by Aurora Cyan.  Of course, the other 50% of the character art is created by our 'human' artist, Meris.  

Lastly, no matter who or 'what' created the character images, the final process is when Kenneth implements the art into the abstract illustrative designs.  From pin-ups posters, to tarot cards, to trading cards, to comic book covers, to propaganda posters, to so much more... we welcome you to the essence of our work.  

A world that defies, a world that rebels, characters that disrupt -- a music & art based conceptual universe to inspire self-acceptance.


If you wish to support future music & this project, please feel welcome to donate:

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