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The Processor / The Warden

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With his initial career as a character profiler, this man had an uncanny ability to predict the actions of people solely based upon his unique methods of analyzing and processing. This led him to his next calling of processing youth for juvenile incarceration. His very passionate and intense applications to his duties turned into to a fervor that would lead to him being simply referred to as the Processor. However, his very over zealous tendencies and ability to impress the minds of the juveniles led many parents and co-workers to demand his removal.


It was coincidentally at this same time that he was offered a position on a remote post of the moon of Ganymede. To oversee an experimental and 'off the books' penal colony for the criminally insane and location to send people who would never be found again; for a price of course.


Years of playing this new role as dictator, oppressor, abettor, and torturer led to the disappearance of his former self as the Processor, to the emergence of his new persona as the Warden.


Only one sole that entered his gate challenged his ability to analyze & classify; which caused him great mental anguish. Eventually the instigator of his anguish, Rain, would also be the reason for the demise of the Ganymede Penal Colony. After the Clerics attacked and destroyed the prison to save Rain the Warden was surprised to find himself still alive.


In his rage he decided to ensure that no living cleric would remain. Until something very interesting happened. When the Warden happened upon a mortally wounded cleric, left for dead, the cleric did not say, 'spare my life', or 'please don't'. Instead the cleric reached out his hand and begged, 'Please suspend me'.


Thus the Warden would learn the secret of the Toci.

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