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Sonic•Parlor13 believes that digital music should be Open-Licensed and free to listen to via streaming and free to download.  Of course, musical artists and bands should exercise their right to sell physical copies of their music, and to accept donations from those that desire to support their musical efforts, as well as decide to license (at a cost) their music for commercial purposes.

Here we showcase some of our favorite independent musical artists and bands that concur with our opinion of sharing Open-Licensed digital music with everyone. The music of the featured artists of Sonic•Parlor13 is made freely available via this website, and the music of the following independent musical artists and bands is made available via the web site, (FMA). FMA believes in free access to original music and creators and FMA provides sustainable online spaces for artists and listeners to harness the potential of music sharing.

Please enjoy... and be sure to visit often to listen to our weekly broadcast, 'Manic Audio' (via the links above & below), where we will continue to showcase Open-Licensed music from more of these amazing independent musical artists and bands.

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